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You have a small business, and you’re looking to create some waves. But, the people just don’t buy it. You don’t know where to start, maybe you need a new logo, or is it a website? How do you stand out?

Change needs to happen, but you don’t know where to start.

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Imagine knowing the steps successful companies have taken on their way to building their thriving business. Imagine knowing your audience well enough to know how to talk to them.

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Taking the first steps toward a remarkable business isn’t difficult, you just need to be led down the right path. Sometimes all you need is a little guidance. Learn how your brand can:

1. Leverage positioning to stand out in your market

2. Find your audience, and speak with authority

3. Present a strong visual identity

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I’ve put together this free resource to help you, brave business owner, take better care of your brand.

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I'd love to credit these amazing people for their insight and images when creating this video and PDF.
Marty Neumeier,
Chris Do,
Jonathan Stark,
Tait Ischia, (Copywrong to Copywriter)
Will Storr, for his book The Science of Storytelling

Thank you to The Line Animation Studio for their Wallflowers gif.
Thanks to
icons8 for the music intro

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