The Cove

Providing visual arsenal to Australian football’s biggest support group.

The Story

The Cove is Sydney FC’s active support group, they make the game day experience. To be in the stadium with tens of thousands of fans singing songs to barrack your team — is a feeling like no other. Active support is built on creating memories, visual and experience, all heightened by being shoulder to shoulder supporting your team. On big game days, The Cove looks to create the extraordinary.

Being a Sydney FC fan myself and supporting them since their first official home game, I wanted to help. They approached me to help on creating banners for their tifo displays. I've had the privilege to provide illustrations for some of Sydney FCs biggest games as way of thanks to both The Cove and Sydney FC.

Sydney till I die!

Banner Illustrations
Of various sizes and formats, supplying digital illustrations for the Cove team to paint

Poster and T-Shirt Illustration
Provided for fundraising events

"Get the Set"

"You Shall Not Pass" and "King Arnie"

"Kings Rule the City, Clowns Wallow in Self Pity"

"Welcome to Sydney, Australia's Premier City"

"Sydney is Our City" featured on ultrastifo instagram account

Thanks for all your help with our designs lately, they’ve all come out so well!

the cove
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