Jungle Brothers

Rebranding a strength and movement gym through a period of amazing growth, creating value and quality results.

The Story

Jungle Brothers is a one-of-a-kind strength and movement gym in Botany, Sydney. At the core they believe in making humans… human again. The secret formula? Teaching fight, lift and movement classes, and so much more. Started by three awesome humans in 2012, within a few of years Jungle Brothers soon grew a tribe of healthy, mobile and strong humans. Unsurprisingly it wasn’t long before they were bursting at the seams, but this was always part of their plan...


Having proven the success of their message they entered into a period of growth. They needed a larger space, more coaches, and a bigger audience. JB’s authentic message cut through the crowded “functional fitness” market. Their value grew beyond classes, to retreats and workshops, game days and podcast episodes. An audience was ready and waiting.

Growing pains meant that Paul, from Jungle Brothers, approached FTB at this time and together we workshopped a move forward. This is what was planned:

A visual rebrand
To showcase where they are now as a business, their logo needed a refresh. Moving beyond the feel of a startup and into a force to be reckoned with.

As a value add to their tribe, Jungle Brothers created a line of apparel to further spread their brand. This ranged from staple tees, to rashies, mouth guards and more.

Website review
A run through of the user experience for their website. Did the right message come across? Were details easy to locate?

Logo redesign, previous vs current

Tagline, illustration and logo application

Monogram and logo for social media

OG and Retreat Tees

Members Hoodie

Broooo! I love it!

Paul Fotofili, jungle brothers
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