I want to help people help people

It takes a village to raise a child.
It takes a partnership to raise an idea.

I'm a Creative Director who specialises in design and illustration. I share stories through visuals. We work as a virtual team, bringing in talent depending on the project we're working on.

I started Favour the Brave because I believe in that while change is inevitable, I want it to be for the better. I grew up with artistic parents — community, music and storytelling was a part of their life, and as a result is a part of my life. I've seen how great stories unite a community.

Driven by what I've seen my parents create I too want to do the same, through design and illustration.

Working together

To make sure we solve the right thing, we should work the right way.


Discovery Call
  • Discuss goals
  • Define the target audience
  • Agree on the problems
  • Decide what "success" is


  • Review the landscape
  • Understand the people we are looking to serve
  • See what’s been done before


  • Present project solutions
  • Explore visual styles
  • Discuss impact and compromises


  • Build high fidelity products
  • Discuss its impact
  • Review and refine


  • Create final product
  • Present deliverable
  • Handover session